One Demand: Change.

Sometimes I miss the world unfolding right before me. Everything seemingly placed in my hands, with everything figured out and planned almost perfectly, where people working together in harmony was never a sort of shock.

But the days of my innocence and all-around youth are diminishing. This seems, it even sounds, like such a negative part of my life. But instead something incredibly strange has happened to me. I feel excitement in the struggle of the days ahead. I feel that through division comes unification. I feel that, although it will take much time and sacrifice, we will honor the days ahead. To some who have lost hope and who believe progress has reversed itself, my perspective may seem sick or almost cynical. But how could it be? I urge you to not lose hope. Struggle and hardship is crucial to any major progress.

This goes for anyone or anything from every corner of the world. We are all seeing drastic changes in the way we live. It is terrifying; I will not argue that. But I encourage you are the people around you to just feel the reassurance that I have. The reassurance from young people and activists everywhere who are marching in the streets and starting up inclusive programs in their community and calling their leaders all to demand one thing: change.

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