You had opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Where the sea was calm, waves were gentle.

Skies were clear and inviting.

Soon the clouds darkened, the skies greyed.


A whole new layer of life emerged where you could see and feel

The overpowering rush

the push and pull

the back and forth

of an ocean.


Mimicking the Red Sea

you forced our ocean divided.


I was left confused,


swimming frantically,

clinging to a lifesaving buoy that





You failed to notice.


Disculpas a mi País

I have traveled thousands of miles to see my home.

5,295 miles.

8,521 kilometers.


Familiar faces, food, streets, buildings,

music, expressions, language, accent, slang,


Familiar life.


Nevertheless, I left.


So I am sorry.

I do not know your pledge of allegiance,

Or your national anthem.


I cannot name your twenty-three provinces.

Or the number of amendments in your constitution.


I cannot speak every single word with confidence.
But one day, I will.